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Checking out Starkware

I decided to check out some L2 chains and got interested in Starkware for several reasons:

  1. They have a python based contract language called cairo. I love python, and probably the only reason I managed to learn machine learning in 4 months was because it was mostly in python
  2. ImmutableX, built on Starkware, announced an NFT partnership with TikTok, so I expect the project will have lots of new users
  3. dydx, a fairly sophisticated derivatives dex, also built on Starkware.

So I feel like fairly large organizations have evaluated the tech and found it useful.

Let's jump in.

Some quick data, STARKs are a successor to Zcash. Zcash had bottlenecks that were unfixable and Eli Ben-Sassoon, the Israeli researcher behind Zcash decided to move on the create Starkware.