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Heaven's River: Dennis Taylor

I was excited to finally get to this, the next book of the Bobiverse, but was super disappointed. It was boring ..

I think the main problem is that 99% of the action is still Bob action... And honestly with thousands of Bob clones now, and Dennis not able to differentiate the different Bobs himself in terms of character.., I read every character as a Bob in my head.

Even Bridget, the sole female replicant, sounded like a Bob in my head.

I felt the author really missed a chance to go wild... like take a hundred year timeline break.. and go what if there were suddenly thousands of male and female replicants of all kinds all over the place... Similar to the Dune Scattering, just go off the deep end...

Also there is no new tech in human space except that which was invented by Bob... which is weird given Bob was a programmer and not an inventor... I mean did all of humanity just forget about science and become farming colonizers???

Instead we get a very conventional story.. pretty stilted and boring really, with even the climax being really boring..

I guess its a setup for subsequent drama... and in that sense a bridge novel... but honestly I felt he did this one for the money.

Super disappointing book.