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Invictus - the site and comparison to similar tokens

Invictus - the site and comparison to similar tokens

The basics of Invictus are the same as Olympus, though they could have done a much better job with the UI design.




Buy $IN

Buy tokens on Jupiter Swap Aggregator, which pulls the best price from Raydium.


Let's try staking


  • Best UI trick is the staked balance increasing so quickly. It's a UI trick of course, because the rebase is probably not running that fast but its nice.
  • I put in 100 bucks, and I'm getting 2 bucks a day. That's insane.. Even not compounding -> 7x per year

Olympus by this point in time has a literal ton of stuff. And Olympus is so much more transparent than these guys.

How have they performed since launch?

OlympusDAO KlimaDAO InvictusDAO
Market Cap ($m) $3,963m $845m $175
24 hr trad vol ($m) $87.9m $16.5m $3.9m
% market cap traded 2.2% 2.0% 1.4%
Total Value Locked $831m $168m $135m
Market Cap/ TVL 4.8x 5.0x 1.3x

Well in 19 days.. not bad... 130 million locked and 175 million market cap.

Price swing has been intense.

How does one figure out the prospective return? Like a backtested return? One needs the price at entry point, the APY assuming staking, and price history going forward.