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InvictusDAO - initial investigations

I've been fascinated by the whole OlympusDAO complex, and waiting for the first Solana version. Was thinking of building it myself but as with many side projects.. no focus.

So let's investigate InvictusDAO which was just launched a few weeks ago on Solana.

First, let's head on over to the Solana token registry and dig up their listing

      "chainId": 101,
      "address": "inL8PMVd6iiW3RCBJnr5AsrRN6nqr4BTrcNuQWQSkvY",
      "symbol": "IN",
      "name": "Sol Invictus",
      "decimals": 9,
      "logoURI": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solana-labs/token-list/main/assets/mainnet/inL8PMVd6iiW3RCBJnr5AsrRN6nqr4BTrcNuQWQSkvY/logo-owl.png",
      "tags": [
      "extensions": {
        "coingeckoId": "invictus",
        "discord": "https://discord.gg/invictusdao",
        "serumV3Usdc": "49vwM54DX3JPXpey2daePZPmimxA4CrkXLZ6E1fGxx2Z",
        "twitter": "https://twitter.com/InvictusDAO",
        "website": "https://invictusdao.fi/"

The great thing is about the token registry is that you can also dig up who made the code changes and when.

So hunting in commits gets us to this commit , based on the time this was committed:

  • London UTC+0 Nov 10 2021, 6.17 am
  • SF UTC -8 Nov 9 2021, 10.17 pm
  • Beijing UTC +8 Nov 10 2021 2.17pm

I am guessing the team is either in SF or Asia.

Let's look at the user.. account created on that date only, and only commits are for token registry. hmmm.

There are two other github users who have made commits to the token registry relating to invictus: Lars van der zande, who updated the Serum market address  and Alex Leung who added a staked SolInvictus token.

Note No Github!!! Looking through the Discord, lots of people asking for a github. And it seems there is none. No one really has patience to write in Rust, and the devs are afraid they're going to expose security flaws, plus competitive advantage to prevent other copycat project.

Absolutely amazing that the code is not open sourced. It's hilarious really.