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Murderbot: Exit Strategy and Network Effect - Martha Wells

Read these 2 while waiting for something nerve-wracking to happen in real life....

Exit Strategy is a revival novel... basically trying to restart the Murderbot storyline after somewhat tying up most loose ends in the last novel. It felt almost like a novella, it was so short, and really it was only like 2 scenes total for the whole book.

Network Effect was a fantastic book. Wells really tries to put the reader into the mind of Murderbot, establishing a personality, culture and tech that truly feels AI. It's perhaps one of the best AI books ever written. And it's precisely because she ignores the BIG AI ideas (the Singularity etc etc) while demonstrating what those technologies would mean in terms of thought process, emotion and AI-human relationships. Loved the way you can start to see code and machine logic in the text.