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OpenAi: Sam Altman's vision of the future

Watching him talk at a Greylock even a couple of months.

  • so far copywriting businesses etc.
  • Trillion dollar businesses to be built.
  • Google challenger in the wings
  • Fundamental things will start to change. Chatbots will work.
  • Great medical services and educational products to be built.
  • AI is a genuine new technological platform

  • sees only a few models as foundation models
  • not enough compute for everyone
  • layer of new companies to be build in the middle layer where you can get a data flywheel going that improves the model
  • Most surprising to current experts is that it is going to add to the sum total of human knowledge
  • Tools are going to make single individuals 100x more productive
  • Science productivity will go through the roof
  • AI may hit science accelerationism

Moonshots to look out for:

  • Language models go much further than people think
  • lots of algorithmic progress to come
  • true multi modal modals coming
  • continuous learning

Basic model of the next decade:

  • marginal cost of intelligence, marginal cost of energy will trend to zero
  • Metaverse - on the upside, another platform like iOS
  • AI, a genuine technological revolution

Prompt engineering in 5 years won't exist.

Economic impacts are huge. We are going to disrupt all of economic activity. What is the new social contract?

Wants low costs and fast cycle times

You will interface in language and get the computer to do what you want.

Major issues:

  • Fairly distributing wealth
  • Access to AGI systems - the currency of the realm
  • Governance