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Solana Season Projects - Boring Protocol , Nina, Soteria

  1. Boring Protocol

Peer to peer ... ?

New way to look at VPN. Blockchain based VPN. Completely decentralized VPN.

It's pretty had to prove VPNs are secure. No UI can you can just show. They keep trying to show the tunnel works from the outside.

They say it works. Small piece of hardware? What ?

Ok so its a piece of software sitting on a raspberry pi, that you provide a VPN and get paid with Solana.

2. Nina Protocol

Music platform - trying to get small musicians onboarded. Marketplace for musician direct selling to fans.

Super low cost, vs 18% take rate for bandcamp.

Not a bad idea, just simplify all the contractual accounting, make it programmable, and then distribute.

It really is just an accounting system built on blockchain but mostly centralized seems like.

That's just great, using a credit card to buy USDC, and then pay for the album.

This project is all over the place.

5 person team. Blockchain based system with users who don't really care blockchain.

Question on credit card on ramp: Delegate, solana etc etc Dutch

We think we can bring the value of blockchain to people who don't really care about crypto. Exactly son.

3. Soteria

Algorithmic stablecoin backed 100% by a delta neutral position. Something something BTC long option vs short option

If you hold USDS you receive yield of 5%. How?

You can convert USDS to one of the other supported currencies.

They will integrate in several derivative DEXes on Solana. Starting with Mango Market.

How often is the position rebalanced to delta neutral? Doesnt need to be because of the collateral.

How do things change when the funding rate is negative? Then they issue tokens.