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Solana Season Projects - All-Art Protocol and UNQ Club

  1. All-Art Protocol

NFT creation and trading market?

  • metadata layer on-chain... so this takes care of the issue where a json file is stored on database elsewhere

Every NFT will have its own pool and own liquidity

  • Development pipeline

You can choose the kind of license for the NFT. Public, private etc

You can decide how many NFT's of each license type to mint, and how many art coins to charge for each type.

SolArt Marketplace

It's really full on DRM, Digital Rights Management.

They also demo-ed a VR art gallery for your NFTs.

ELI5 - Building liquidity pools for NFTs, plus rights contracts into the NFTs, the liquidity pools function as Defi DEX for NFTs.

The idea is that with the liquidity pools, they get value locked into the NFTs for pools, so you can then sell the NFTs at any time. Plus just like Defi, there will be locked value coming in.

19 person team. Amazing.

2. UNQ Club

A place to go to buy and sell NFTs. There a clubs, and curators who run them.


Buying an NFT from the UNQ Club page of a collector.  He buys it with ETH though, why not Sols?

They're looking for staking.

Everybody looking for staking.