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Solana Season Projects - DefiLand and Slope Finance

Following up on my not going ahead with the Solanaszn hackathon, decided to listen into demo day.

SolanaTV - Twitch
Solana Season Demo Day - hosted by Parafi & Sino Global
  1. DefiLand

Kind of a farming game, except you can use tokens which can be cryptos.

Bank - Lending and borrowing tokens

Market - trading tokens

House - track your portfolio

Voting - govern the protocol

Tavern - predictions and betting

I'm not sure whether its a game, or its a UI for a wallet. Reading up on medium, it seems to be a UI for decentralized finance where you farm using tokens.

Not a bad idea really.

2. Slope Finance

Team from China. Decentralized exchange running on mobile. Robinhood on DEX.

  • Slope NFTs Market
  • Slope DEX - cross-platform DEX based on Serum
  • Slope Wallet - cross-platform wallet

Seems like yes definitely necessary.. but not sure how you get utilization. How do you get people to use your wallet when there are so many out there?