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Walkthrough Intermission - Rust Part 2

Intermission Part 1

Walkthrough Intermission - Rust Part 1
Ah the travails of a journeyman programmer. I honestly switch back and forthbetween so many different languages and technologies.. and really remain a rankamateur at most of them. Super frustrating. Alright, what is Rust.. (wikipedia[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rust_(programming_language)]) -…

I am now at Chapter 12, trying to build the command line grep function. It's been 48 hours since I started TheBook.

I honestly procrastinate so much. I feel like the brain should be able to pack in so much more quickly. Instead it's like half chapter... then 3 hours of Netflix.

I honestly love how good the documentation is. Easy to see why Rust is the most loved language on Github 5 years in a row.

So far, Rust pulls a lot of concepts from all over the place together. It's like a Pythonic simplicity on top of C++ level of control. Loads of features from Javascript.

But what really stands out is the commitment to infrastructure. The package manager, documentation, error handling, memory safety and thread safety. Plus failing loudly at compile time, to spare the problems with loopy and uncertain failures that would crop up later in production.

I am super impressed.

I wish I'd written my firm's accounting software in Rust now. I ended up writing in SQL, similar to what I hear Cloudflare v1 was written in. I am probably one of like the top 500 test writers in pgTAP right now.  But Rust looks better.