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Solana Season Projects - Zeta Markets and Francium

  1. Zeta Markets

Building a fundamental defi options market.

Fundamental Options Framework

  • Strikes
  • Expires
  • Auto-Settlement

Liquid Options Markets

  • Options market maker (OMM) quotes 2-sided across all markets

Better Pricing and Risk Management

  • Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM) pricing for the fairest prices in DeFi

Capital Efficient (Undercollateralized)

  • 10x leverage with real-time liquidation engine
  • Portfolio margined

They're live. 11 people team. That's not a lot of people for what they've achieved. Binary options.

So basically hook up your Phantom wallet, and use the platform to enter into options.

Moderator points out not yet a lot of users for options. Zeta guys points out that Robinhood has made stock options popular to retail and its also useful for

Their revenue is provided by the profit and loss from the Options Market Maker.

Data feeds coming from some oracle, eventually they want to integrate into Deribit's implied volatility index.

2. Francium

Seems like a defi strategy builder. You stake some token, and create a strategy, ie stake, get reward token, stake that somewhere else, stake somewhere else etc.

More Targets, More Continuous Yield

The strategy gets created as an NFT.. so supposedly someone else can share your strategy?

You have to post your token into a pool?

I can see the need for this, seems to be an asset manager UI for people who want to get yield?